Wood Watch Inspirations



Human beings have always been concerned with time. In man’s eternal search to keep control of time, he’s designed tools like alarm clocks, grandfather clocks, hourglasses, clock towers and sundials. Many different types of watches have evolved since the invention of the wrist watch at the end of the 1800’s; some of these were created for the military, some for undersea or space exploration, and some for those who are blind. Here we want to highlight the wood watch, after all it’s among the most intriguing items.

The wood watch takes its inspiration from vintage pocket watches and since it is hypoallergenic is perfect for people who have sensitive skin.

Naturally you don’t have to be referring to a watch made just of wood when you describe it as a “wood watch.” Some designs cover the stainless steel back with a flap made of wood, but there are those also with just a wooden strap or some blend of wood and copper decoration.

Wood has so many particularities that it can’t be mass produced and so each item is fashionably hand crafted. Potential purchasers might be surprised at the range of available shades, such as deepest ebony or lightest maple. That means every design is special and gets even more special as the natural oils of the skin combine with the wood to personalize it even further. In addition, the texture and hue of the wood will be changed over time so that its color deepens and gets richer.

You can wear this wood watch on a daily basis because it’s so light that it’s supremely comfortable.

And this watch is very sturdy, given that wood doesn’t react the same way as metal to variations in temperature. The wood watch enhances the relationship with the natural world, making it ideal for those who want to stay attuned to nature’s energies.

A growing number of manufacturers today have become concerned with the eco-friendly characteristic. When it comes to the production of wood watches, the wood comes from woodlands where there is a new tree planted each time one is taken. The watch works automatically, without the use of batteries, and the item is even shipped via waterways instead of via air. This results in a carbon footprint that is much smaller.