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aliexpress-wood-watchesThe History of the Wooden Watch

Humans have been preoccupied with time since the very beginning. In man’s ongoing quest to be controlling of time, he’s used hourglasses, clock towers, grandfather clocks, sundials and alarm clocks. Many different sorts of watches have been created since they were invented at the end of the 19th century: those for military, underwater, and space usage, as well as those for people with disabilities. Here, and of most interest, we will talk about the Bewell wooden watch.

Taking its inspiration from older pocket model watches, the wood watch is hypoallergenic, making it nice for people whose skin is sensitive. Certainly we aren’t always referring to watches made just of wood when we say “wood watch.” Some simply have a wood flap over the center piece’s stainless steel backing, but in addition there are those with just a wooden strap or wood and copper decorations so that they look more antique.

Wood watches are very fashionable, too, since they’re hand crafted and because wood is such a unique material that it can’t be used in mass production. And you might not expect that you will be able to choose from lots of different shades, from deep ebony to pale maple. The design is already one of a kind, but the wearer’s natural skin oils will blend with the wood over time, so that it takes on the personality of the one wearing it. Wood’s texture and color mellow as time goes on, too, making it more personal and deep over the years.

You can wear this wooden watch daily because it is so light that it is quite comfortable.

In addition, because wood isn’t as vulnerable to changes in temperature as metal, it’s a very sturdy piece. Those who value their connection with the energy of nature will find it deepened as they wear their wood watch.

Today we see many manufacturers who increasingly give attention to being environmentally friendly – their raw material will be obtained from a forest that’s sustainable. In this instance, for each tree they use, another one is planted. Batteries are not required for your wood watch because the movement is automated. Furthermore, the product is shipped by water instead of air to reduce the carbon footprint of the company.

The Evolution of Watches

antique wood watchIn this generation, watches have become some sort of a status symbol. For the elite, an astounding six-thousand-dollar watch might not be something to be worried about purchasing. However, to those who belong to the middle class, it’s much too high a cost. The dilemma of individuals nowadays in buying watches boils down to quality. And taking into great consideration the quality of a watch means to invest on the branded ones.

The growing number of innovations in gadgets — including watches —post a great demand for advertisers and marketing companies to continually upgrade their products and double their efforts in promoting their goods. The brilliant minds behind these companies need to be squeezed enough to be able to come up with unique ways to further allure buyers to purchase watches.

One way of innovating sophisticated and quality watches is using leather for the strap. People nowadays, mostly women, are fond of customizing their watches. Other watches even have beads as straps. It is in customizing their watches that other people can take a peek into other people’s lives — their lifestyle and preferences. A leather strap could mean that the wearer is a formal type of person who can also demand respect. Beaded straps for watches could mean youthfulness as beads are often perceived as children’s accentuating weapons. Companies have also come up with the idea of putting gemstones on the watch itself. Elegant and classy people are totally sold on this idea, as it also elevates the intricacy of the watch, leaving people coveting it.

The infusion of a timer and a stopwatch in a digital watch is another great idea, especially for sports enthusiasts mainly because it is for their benefit that they have these inclusions in the watches they wear every day. Of course, it’s not only sports enthusiasts who enjoy these features. Some men prefer digital watches over analog ones. Another thing that makes digital watches more exciting to use is the fact that as technology improves, waterproof watches are already available for everybody’s consumption and usage. This becomes very useful for time-conscious divers or swimmers.

The new L.E.D. watches are also in-demand nowadays, especially among teenagers and even some adults. L.E.D. stands for light-emitting diode which is a source of light when activated. It comes in different colors and is often used in decorative light fixtures to illuminate the surroundings during special occasions. An L.E.D. is also often used in lamps for a more sophisticated touch.

Another innovation in the watch industry is the arrival of wooden watches. Watchmakers have ventured into making wood watches, the idea being to combine style, elegance, luxury, and environmental-friendliness into one sophisticated product. These watches are biodegradable, chemical-free, and very light — making the owner’s time-telling task hassle-free, stylish, and unique. Most wood watches are made of maple and koa trees and singlehandedly sculpted into intricate designs.

Watches have now become even more vital in a person’s life. Some don’t even feel the need to remove it before they go to sleep. So, it is important that watches are very well taken care of.