Evolution of Wood Watches

The Concept of Wood Watches

bewell-wood-red-oak-watchWatches are often left in the dust compared to the digital age of merely checking the time on a smart phone. There is very little need for practical watches over fashionable watches. Wood watches are the more emerging market in comparison. One thing that has evolved more over time is the metamorphosis of the concept wood watch, a watch putting all of the uses of the phone and the watch into one device. This business venture is to increase watch sales and improve the quality of life by having information in one small, wrist wearing accessory. Who says you can’t be practical and stylish? Some brands of wooden luxury watch brands such as BeWell, Jaeger LeCoutlre, Panerai Luminor and Franck Muller. An artist was sought out to compose wood watch designs based on these brands in hopes to make a big sale.

Something we are very familiar with is that the Swiss watch industry is very traditional in style and composition. It is a safe assumption that if a wood watch can represent a glimpse of the future, it may also represent a glimpse of the past. There are three categories of BeWell wood watches from popular watch style brands. There are some conceptually connected digital timepieces from Jaeger LeCoultre, Panerai, and Franck Muller.

One of the possible timepiece models would be the Jaeger-LeCoutlre Reverso Red Pill Smartwatch. Simple and styling is part of the Jaeger-LeCoultre way. The Reverso design is very well crafted for a change into a wood watch. The hands are digital to enhance battery life by blacking out the screen with the piece is not in use. The red slider at the lower end can be utilized as a switch for the hands, and at the same time light up for notifications and sound alerts when you have new messages or calls.


Another idea is the BeWell Concept wood watch.

The initial thought was, with this BeWell, change the large accents on the right side into a sliding, mechanic function with a finger grip with the logo is. Also functioning as the power switch for the piece, as well as a small camera lens for those on the go photos. In a BeWell minimalistic style it comes in a bamboo wood, matte black case. This piece comes equipped with a durable, wood and metal strap and noticeable finish to enlighten a more rugged appearanc. The Facebook, Twitter, Instagram icons are dimmed out, but will light up when there are new notifications.

Last but not least, we have the wooden BeWell Smartwatch. It comes with equipped with a speaker in the case made of eighteen karat rose gold. A small red light appears at the bottom to give it a more vintage appearance. Light additions for notification alerts. As opposed to other wood watches, the hands are in a 3d design to make the watch appear less flat.

As you can see, there are many different prototype for the future wood watch.

These three brand aforementioned are only a few among several top time piece creators as well as large technology companies like Apple, Windows and Google. The evolution of phones and eye wear with technology break for lots of new possibilities. The future of wood watches is a bright one and the market feels very optimistic about where wood watches will take us in the future.