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Bewell wooden watches on sale today!Mixed Bewell Wood WatchShow Your Personality With A Bewell Wood Watch

Wouldn’t you want a watch to reflect how unique you are? Bewell wooden watches are just as unique and different as you and I. Just as we all have different fingerprints and no two are alike, the same goes for a wooden watch. Bewell wooden watches stand out not only because of the natural variations in the wood grain and color, but because they are sleek and stylish as well. The uniqueness of this 100% wooden watch adds warmth, style, and character to your accessory as you see each hour past. In addition to these wonderful characteristics, these watches are made of high quality material and are made from quality craftsmen.

Here Are A Few Reasons To Purchase A Bewell Watch:

Wood is a beautiful resource, it grows all over the world and it is renewable. A great thing about wooden watches is that wood absorbs carbon dioxide from our air, so by wearing a wooden watch you are essentially removing chemicals from our air and helping our planet one watch at a time. Wooden watch companies care about our environment and only use non endangered trees or trees that have naturally died to produce products.

Wood is known to be used all over the world and can be used for many things. The solid material supports huge construction products, the wood is a great material in agriculture, and there are numerous of other uses for this amazing natural resource. Plenty of industries appreciate the uniqueness of wood and all the benefits it provides. The colors of wood and the textures change and improve over time. Adding a wooden watch to your wardrobe will keep you fashionable and up to date with the latest trends. Many fashion lovers flock to these watches and make it their own style. Wooden watches age beautifully as they get older, this is not typical of watches made from metals or plastic. These time pieces compliment any skin tone and give a sense of exclusiveness and solidarity.

Set Yourself Apart With A Bewell Wooden Watch

How many people do you know with a wooden watch?
Wooden watches are unique and different; people will see it and compliment it. It is something that others will not see everyday and so when they do see it, it will stand out. The best part about these watches is that even if someone does have a wooden watch similar to yours, just knowing that the different wood grain and hue variations make each individualized watch personal and unique. No one will have a watch like yours and others will want to know where they can get one of their own.

All Bewell watches are made from 100% natural wood, so they are naturally light-weight as compared to plastic and metal watches which are noticeably heavier. It may not seem like a big difference, but over time a heavier watch can put strain on your wrist. Wearing a light-weight watch that is trendy and modern will have others envious. Wood watches are also organic, hypoallergenic and have non-toxic finishes. This is a perfect watch for anyone who may deal with these skin allergies.

Most Bewell wooden watches are primarily made from recycled wood. This company takes advantage of reusing wood that would otherwise be thrown away. Bewell uses the best reclaimed wood cuts to get their product looking stunning and ready for retail. Most of the boxes the watches are packaged in are also made with recycled paper, so buying these watches helps us save our planet one purchase at a time.

Skilled craftsmen take their time when selecting the wood they will use, this makes certain that the completed product looks the absolute best. This watch is the only accessory you will need to complete any outfit for any day. Bewell watches may be sleek and light-weight but the vibrant wooden hues and beautiful wood grains completely stand out and will look flawless.

It is important to think about all of the things we utilize around us. Switching to Eco-friendly objects helps us live a cleaner, healthier life. It can also add some stylish accessories to our wardrobe and keep us up with the time.


Many people deal with skin allergies when wearing watches and other jewelry. It can be frustrating for people to find a watch that they can wear and appreciate but that will also keep their skin free from rashes and breakouts. A great alternative for these individuals would be a wooden watch. Bewell wooden watches are 100% natural wood including a wooden plate on the back, this provides complete protection to any person with a skin allergy while adding a rare timepiece to their wrist.

Premium Red Sandallwood Bewell WatchBewell Watches Are Very Special

Bewell wooden watches are extremely fashionable, and the best part is ,they are ready for purchase with plenty of designs and styles available for anybody interested in trendy apparel. Bewell makes sure that each watch is exceptionally made and that each watch is beautiful in the eyes of a potential customer. The wood grain and the hue variations make these watches stand out against any skin tone looking astonishing one anybody whether it’s male or female, young man or old woman, know that this is the watch for you.

Variety of Woods Used to Make Wooden Watches

Wooden watches can be made from a wide range of common tree woods such as ash and zebrawood. Maple and hickory are popular trees craftsmen enjoy working with when making wooden watches, they also prefer hickory and oak which also give off wonderful hues and prominent wood grain patterns. Choosing the right species of tree is imperative for skilled craftsmen to complete their project flawlessly.

Bewell Wooden Watches Are Handcrafted

One of the best reasons to buy a Bewell watch is because they are hand crafted by skilled men and women who take pride in their profession. These craftsmen assemble each piece by hand using solid wooden links that are perfectly carved out to the desired shape and size, the craftsman then design the watch to reflect a smooth and classy finish. These craftsmen work hard to ensure that the product is properly made and ready for purchase. These watches are not made by a machine, so it is impossible for you to receive a wooden watch that looks exactly like another one. Knowing that a human touch was involved in making your watch makes the purchase more personable and unique. A handcrafted Bewell watch will make a stunning statement with any outfit.

Bewell wood watches are made with quality materials and can be priced lower than similar styles. Wooden watches can often be found at smaller boutiques and watch stands which helps ensure others won’t be sporting the same time piece as you. As new trends enter the market it is important to stay ahead of any scams that might occur. When looking for a wooden watch the first thing to remember is the watch should not be bulky, the design should be sleek and stylish. Make sure it is solid wood and does not have a metal base under veneer. Stay away from generic watches that do not include a warranty.

Bewell Elite Maple Wood WatchChoose Your Style with a Bewell Wood Watch

There are so many different styles of watches to choose from with Bewell. Whether you choose a light hue or dark hue, know that your wrist will be wearing a one of a kind piece of art work.

Bewell watches come equipped with analog or digital time pieces. Based on personal preference you could be sporting a watch with a digital display screen, or a more classic one which includes roman numerals on the display face and rotating hands which help tell the time. With all the styles available it is exciting to own and appreciate a Bewell wooden watch. The skill needed to make these working timepieces should be admired and appreciated. These watches display some amazing skills of craftsmanship and now over a hundred different styles of these watches are available in the market today.


Beautiful Bewell Mixed Wood WacthA Bewell Watch is a Perfect Gift!

A Bewell Wooden watch is the perfect purchase for you or someone you love. It is a gift that will be remembered and cherished for many years to come. The wooden watch is easy to care for, this beautiful material can be properly cleaned by adding a few drops of lemon oil with a cloth, then simply rubbing until no residue is left. The wood will be restored and vibrant again in minutes.

These are one of a kind watches that any individual would be proud to own and wear. There are so many benefit to consider when making a decision on which type of watch to purchase. Just know that a wooden watch will add character to your overall appearance, and many people will be swooning over your wrist.

Bewell Wood Watches are Modern Yet Classic!

Today, Bewell watches have already evolved from analog to digital. Analogue Bewell watches use Roman numerals to show time while digital watches use digits (as the name itself implies) for more convenient usage. Nowadays, various mechanics have made watches more exciting to wear. Watch companies have incorporated gems to make designs more intricate and enticing. Others have leather straps and there are even Bewell watches made out of wood. These wood Bewell watches are some of the most unique examples of timepieces. There are over a hundred styles of wood Bewell watches in the market now. These Bewell watches are assembled by hand with solid wood links carved individually and ever so intricately designed to provide an elegant and classy touch.