Bewell Wood Watches: Timepieces to Watch Out For

Bewell wood watches are the newest additions to the line of trendy and fashionable watches and accessories and will surely appeal to men and women alike.

These so-called natural timepieces take sophistication to a different level since they do so without hampering the constant fight for environmental conservation and protection.

This new, innovative, and stylish watch makes it easier for people to get a feel of nature in the most intimate way possible. Not only do these watches carry a sense of style, but they also allow users to get a hold of what Mother Nature herself can produce and bring to the table.


The materials for Bewell wood watches mostly come from the trees in Africa, India, and other exotic places, setting them apart from the typical wristwatches being worn today. These exotic and “natural” timepieces spur users to take pride in what is natural, casual, and simple without sacrificing their sense of style. These watches cost roughly $100 dollars and are actually more affordable than the usual luxury watches, which are often made of gemstones, silver, gold, and other precious, expensive metals and stones. The real goal of wooden watches is to instill into the user the value of fashion and at the same time the necessity for environmental-friendliness.

As these wooden watches are mostly crafted by hand, it is evident that the watchmakers have put a lot of thought and effort into them. They obviously take their time to come up with creative ideas and designs on how to make Bewell wood watches unique and different so users won’t get bored with them. These watches are chemical-free and are definitely user-friendly as they are very lightweight (i.e. easy to wear), unlike the other deluxe heavy watches sold in the market. What’s more, these timepieces are so versatile that they can be worn with practically any outfit.

Some producers of Bewell wooden watches have even tied up with environmental organizations so as to prove their desire and dedication to promote environmental awareness. These manufacturers believe that the fashion world and the environment can be a harmonious tandem. Another thing that’s definitely awesome about these watches is that it also promotes the user’s sense of originality and style. A Bewell wood watch merges concern for the environment and style simplicity, resulting in a highly fashionable timepiece. These watches convey classiness and elegance, making them one of the more trend-setting timepieces and accessories in the market.

As always, there is sophistication in simplicity — and these wooden watches are proof of that. These watches do not only encourage nature-lovers to love nature even more. They also put deeper meaning to their importance as intricately made fashionable and useful timepieces. Just like clothes and accessories, watches can indeed be clues to a person’s style of living, so would you rather be seen by others as lavish and not concerned with the protection and preservation of Mother Nature through your $6,000 luxury watch? Or would you rather be perceived as a casual, simple kind of person who cares about the environment through your $100-dollar wooden watch? Think about it.

Bewell watches, eco-friendly & hand carved from natural wood…always!