Bewell Wood Watches, Are They Form or Function?

Bewell Watch logo wood natural

Since the smart phone boom people don’t need to wear a watch any longer. In fact, if you look around any public place you will see dozens of people staring into their smart phones, but less than 1% of those will be wearing a watch, I would wager. The majority of people today, check their phones if they need to know the time.

With everyone so focused on technology, where does the simple timepiece fit in? While it is not yet extinct, it has become a fashion accessory. People spend time everyday planning their wardrobe and the watch has become just as important as eyeglasses or jewelry as a fashion statement.

The Bewell wood watch is a perfect example of this trend.

For people who are fashion conscious being the first in your crowd to sport a wood watch will make you the envy of your friends.

Bewell natural wood watches were created to be an evolution of the timepiece, something that makes a statement, a thing of beauty. And they are indeed beautiful. Wood watches come in all sorts of styles, some try to mimic the traditional metal watch, replacing metal for wood almost exactly. And some wooden timepieces are sleek, modern, and minimal. They would probably remind you of a sculpture they are so artistically designed.

Bewell wooden watches usually have a leather band, wooden band, or a combination of wood and metal. The wood itself can come from a wide variety of tree species such as pale bamboo, maple, dark sandalwood, Blackwood, rich cherry, Zebrawood, and Koa. These woods come in colors ranging from light to dark with almost every shade imaginable. With all the possible color combinations there is a color or combination of colors that is perfect for every taste and sensibility.

However, beauty and uniqueness are not their sole attributes.


Bewell wood watches are made with the eco-friendly consumer in mind.

The companies producing these watches use renewable or recycled materials in their designs. Some companies use found wood and others use cast-offs from the lumber industry. Manufacturers of some watches harvest their wood from sustainable forests and a tree is planted for each one cut. No matter what strategy the manufacturers employ they are all doing their part to reduce the carbon footprint of their businesses.

There are several benefits to choosing a Bewell wood watch.

If you interested in the eco-friendly aspect you will enjoy a watch made this way. And it is a beautiful way to pay homage to the natural world. Wood is a hypo-allergenic material which will benefit anyone with an allergy to certain metals. If you have ever left your metal watch outside and then tried to put it back on you will appreciate the fact that wood does not conduct heat like metal does. Wood is also considerably lighter than metal which is a great benefit to people who suffer from arthritis and cannot support the weight of a heavy watch upon their wrist.

Finally, when choosing a wood watch keep the following tips in mind. Choose a watch that is stylish not clunky. Go with a company such as Bewell that has a nice variety to choose from. Make sure the finish is polished not rough or dull. You want something that can handle a little moisture and not swell up like a balloon! Choose a watch that has a quartz movement, it may be beautiful, but you are paying for a watch that is reliable too.