Bewell Watches Made of Natural Wood

Take a Look at Bewell Wooden Watches

Have you heard of wooden watches? After years of wearing watches made from metals, leather, and synthetic materials, I recently became familiar with wooden watches, and I’ve been on the bandwagon ever since. I love them. In particular, I love Bewell Wooden Watches. There’s a lot to love about them, but three major things stand out about these watches: the construction, the style, and the price.

beautiful bewell watch made of woodI am always looking to be more “green” with regard to my purchases. I try to avoid plastics and a lot of synthetics in so many of my household items, so I’m pretty excited that I can extend that philosophy to my most used accessory. Wood is completely all natural and renewable. Unless you plan to just look at the sun to try to figure out the time, it doesn’t really get any more green than that. Aside from the environmental aspect, there are a number of benefits to wearing a watch made from wood. If you’ve ever worn a leather, plastic or rubber wristband, you know how sweaty you can get under there. In addition to being uncomfortable, they can also trap bacteria and get a little stinky (kind of like shoes!). Also, many people have metal sensitivities, and a since Bewell Watches are 100% hypoallergenic and non-toxic, you can wear them with confidence that you’re not going to develope a metal-allergy rash. Finally, Bewell Watches are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. I had assumed that a wooden watch would be heavy, but they actually weigh less than metal watches.

The “green” factor is a big one for me, but truthfully, if I didn’t actually like the look of the watches, it wouldn’t matter. I wear very little jewelry, but my watch is my signature piece. Bewell Watches are beautiful. They are sleek and elegant. I have to say, every one is like a work of art. They are so stylish, with a huge selection of sizes, finishes and designs.

Each Bewell Watch is handcrafted and unique, since wood grain and color varies from tree to tree.

Wearing one of these watches is like adding an exquisite and exceptional piece of jewelry to any outfit. You are guaranteed to get comments and compliments on your watch!

Once I was introduced to wooden watches, I started looking around the Internet and pricing them, and I am so impressed with the price point at which Bewell Watches are sold. They are significantly less expensive than other brands of wooden watches. They are really priced so that you can afford to own a few. This is great news for those of us who have a hard time narrowing down and picking a favorite.

If you’re looking for a well constructed, environmentally sound, stunning timepiece at an affordable price, you should definitely look at Bewell Wooden Watches.