2017 Bewell Watches Are Here!

Bewell, known for their beautiful wood watches, has released their 2015 collection, much to the anticipation of watch lovers everywhere. Bewell watches for 2015 have kept their hand carved, exotic feel while incorporating a more modern look. These wood watches will not disappoint any Bewell watch lover. Keeping within the 3 most popular, beautiful woods; […]

Accessorizing with Wood Watches

Make a Statement with a Wood Watch! A very nice and effective way of expressing one’s self is by way of accentuating one’s get-up. That is, of course, taking into consideration one’s apparel and accessories. Some are contented with ripped jeans, beanies, and loose shirts. Some are more comfortable in blazers, leather shoes, and slacks. […]

Wood Watch Inspirations

  Human beings have always been concerned with time. In man’s eternal search to keep control of time, he’s designed tools like alarm clocks, grandfather clocks, hourglasses, clock towers and sundials. Many different types of watches have evolved since the invention of the wrist watch at the end of the 1800’s; some of these were […]

The Beauty of Wearing a Wood Watch

Since the dawn of time, humanity has always sought out a way to keep track of time. Though one of the first methods was the iconic sundial, timekeeping technology has dramatically improved. Today many people use watches of many different varieties to keep track of time. Though typical watches are either made out of plastic […]