Beautiful and Durable Wood Watches Make A Unique Statement

With all the fascination out there with the latest and greatest in technology, what is the appeal of a watch made out of a natural material like wood?

It turns out that wood watches have a great appeal in modern day life.

They are environmental friendly and also hypoallergenic, which makes them a very good alternative for people who are allergic to certain kinds of metals. They come in many attractive styles and colors, and even though they are made from a natural material like wood, there are styles available that will even appeal to someone who tends to like the newest and most sophisticated watch. To see some photographs of beautiful wood watches click here.

With so many attractive styles of wood watches out there, a person can find one suited for dressy to casual occasions and also feel good about wearing an eco-friendly watch. Wood is a material that comes naturally from the environment, and the good news is that manufacturers of the watches will use materials that come from sustainable forests where a new tree gets planted for any tree that is cut down for the wood. Most wooden timepieces are made from scrap wood, however, so they are not made from a tree that is cut down at all and the boxes they come in are made from recycled paper. Wood watches are the automatic type so they don’t require batteries and the shipping is usually done by sea instead of by air.


Wood watches are usually very comfortable; they are very light compared to metal watches.

Wood watches are also very durable since they are not affected by variations in temperature like metal is. There is also something that feels so good about wearing something made from a natural material. Some people feel like they are more connected to nature or the earth wearing the wood watches.

Wood watches are also very unique as no two watches are exactly the same due to natural variations in wood grain. Not all wood watches are entirely made of wood, but they all have enough wood to have this attribute of uniqueness. The watches that are not made entirely of wood can on the front of them have wood combined with a material such as copper that has an attractive ornamental look. However, most will always have the wood material on the part that touches the skin. Some may have a stainless steel back, but it is covered with a wood flap that touches the skin along with having a wooden strap.

There are so many great reasons to have a wood watch.

Wearing watches is becoming more popular again with the invention of some very high-tech watches, yet wearing a wood watch makes another kind of statement that reminds us of the importance of the sustainability of the natural world. They also look great! Even celebrities like Colin Firth and The Black Eyed Peas can be seen wearing wood watches on Pinterest. However, you don’t need a celebrity budget to afford them; wood watches are still quite affordable to many people with prices that usually arrange from $40 to $200. Wood watches make a unique statement and have a broad appeal.