Accessorizing with Wood Watches

Make a Statement with a Wood Watch!

Wooden clockwork inside a watchA very nice and effective way of expressing one’s self is by way of accentuating one’s get-up. That is, of course, taking into consideration one’s apparel and accessories. Some are contented with ripped jeans, beanies, and loose shirts. Some are more comfortable in blazers, leather shoes, and slacks. Some men are fond of just wearing shirts and jeans. Some prefer more formal clothing. Others just like the simplest and most comfortable outfits possible.

Accessorizing, especially to fashion enthusiasts, means a lot. Jewelries — necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, and the like — are the most commonly used (and sometimes abused) modes of projecting style and sophistication. Women admit to this fashion fetish. However, men sometimes are also fond of these “blings.” Aside from jewelry, watches have become a means of expressing fashion. Nowadays, watches have become a trendy accessory for men and women alike — L.E.D. watches, analog watches, digital watches, and wood watches.


An L.E.D. or light-emitting diode watch is a kind of digital watch. Young people, or even those just young at heart, wear this kind of watch. Not only are these watches catchy and trendy, they also add a touch of techno, making the user appear cool. Digital watches just like L.E.D. watches belong to the “cool” batch. And unlike analog watches, digital watches are actually more advanced and more innovated. Makers of digital watches including L.E.D. watches have now thought of ways to make users love these watches even more. For example, they thought of adding a timer as a so-called bonus feature. And as time passed and technology became even more enhanced, adding lights to digital watches was also another idea they have come up with. Through this, the usual dilemma of not being able to tell the time using their watches in the dark was literally solved. Thus, these techno/digital watches have become popular to many.

To make wearing a watch much more exciting, watchmakers have come up with the idea of creating wood watches.

The mere thought of wearing this kind of watch not only entices the public but also encourages everyone to help save the environment as the materials used in these “natural” watches are a hundred percent wood, most of which are dried up but are still somehow stable. In fact, one company making these wood watches have pledged to plant a new tree in replacement for the old one the company has used. The creation of the wooden watch is certainly a unique way of saving the environment and making more inroads in the fashion industry. And indeed, someone who sports such a watch obviously wants to show that he or she is not just into stylish accessories, but is an advocate of preserving and protecting Mother Nature as well.

Accessories are a great way to show off one’s individuality, be it through any kind of jewelry, the watch that you strap on your wrist, the bag you are toting, and the shoes you are wearing. These stylish add-ons can complete any outfit and can make one stand out from the crowd.